Turkey's Solar Energy Potential

Our country is fortunate compared to many countries in terms of its potential for solar energy due to its geographical location. It has been determined that   Turkey's average annual sunshine duration is 2640 hours  (daily total of 7.2 hours), average total solar radiation is 1311 kWh/m2 - year (daily total 3.6 kWh/m2) according to a study conducted by EIE by taking advantages of the sunshine duration and the ray intensity data measured in the General Directorate of State Meteorology Affairs in the years 1966-1982.

However, it has been understood by later studies that these values are considerably lower than ​​Turkey's real potential. Turkey's Solar Energy Potential Atlas has been created as a result of measurement studies carried out by EİE and DMİ between 1992 and 2008. As a result of the new measurements, it has been observed that Turkey's solar energy potential  was more 20-25% than the old values.